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Accounting is more than a Tax return


Welcome to Terry Williams Accountants Inc.

Leaving your financial information, affairs, and documents in the hands of a full-service accounting firm is the proactive way to make sure that your ledgers add up every time. The experienced professional's at Terry Williams Accountants can bring you the insights that we've gathered. We've been proudly serving personal and commercial clients in Durham and the Triangle area since 1987, so we're sure that we can help chart your path to success.
Accounting in Durham, NC
Efficient Business Operations
Our goal is to streamline your financial affairs by personalizing a package in accordance with your company's needs and your market niche. If you've been preparing your own payroll, you may appreciate outsourcing your task to our team. We employ state-of-the-art technology that lets us quickly and accurately generate your checks. We'll make the applicable deductions and deliver everything according to your schedule.
Strategic Tax Planning
If you've been handling your own income tax returns, you may appreciate leaving your annual or quarterly responsibilities to us. We stay informed of changing state and federal regulations so that we can prepare your taxes in a beneficial way. We're careful and meticulous, and we'll make sure that everything is properly accounted for.
Whether you're searching for assistance with financial planning or looking for an accountant to handle your company's bookkeeping needs, we're only a phone call away. To request your detailed proposal or to learn more about our full suite of capabilities, contact our office at your convenience at (919) 544-5300.